Online Fitness Coaching can be called Fitness Technology. People are living a super busy life these days with a common complaint that we don't have much time in hand to hit the gym! Hence, the need and demand for online coaching for men and women are rising. It has opened the door to many fun and exciting ways to get in shape based on individual lifestyles and preferences. The online fitness coach for men- Alex Folacci, easily makes fitness a part of your daily routine, no matter how busy you are! He specializes in training high profile men clients and specializes in 9 coaching methods.

Why does Online Fitness Coaching prove to be beneficial?

Online coaching for men is a rapidly evolving method to exercise that allows you to exercise and stay fit by working with a certified and professional online fitness coach for men from the comfort of your home.‍

Here are the Super Advantages of Online Fitness Coaching

Super Advantage 1: login from ANYWHERE

You get access to your training program anywhere, home, office, or park. You don't need to worry about the best online fitness coach for men or a gym near your home. You yet get that expertise in a fitness program through online fitness coaching. No compromises with health. Along with your workout plan, you also get a nutrition program and diet accountability tracking with as your fitness trainer. He specializes in providing online coaching for men over 35!

Super Advantage 2: Personalized Exercise Plans

The best online fitness coach for men creates an exercise routine tailored to your fitness level and goals and gives you weekly check-ins for feedback and accountability.

Super Advantage 3: Affordability

If you think getting a personal trainer is an expensive affair, then you should go for the online fitness training as it will come to you at one-third the cost of seeing the personal trainer in person, with the same results! Alex Folacci, the best online fitness coach for men, has testimonials to back this fact.

Super Advantage 4: Fits your busy schedule

No matter how busy you may be, online fitness coaching gives you that flexibility of time owing to which you can work and achieve your fitness goals. The schedule can be flexible with online coaching for men.

Super Advantage 5: Monitoring Progress

Online fitness coaching does not mean that attention is not given and that In-person personal touch is not present. Regular contact with your online fitness coach for men keeps you on track and accountable, too, so that you are less likely to deviate from what you need to be doing.

Super Advantage 6: Other perks

When working with the best online fitness coach for men like Alex Folacci, you tend to get many perks besides the training program. These include:

  1. Longevity consulting aims to optimize your health and lifestyle to age 25% slower and live beyond 100 years.
  2. Provides you with a list of fitness equipment you can invest in.
  3. Provides you with a list of natural supplements you can buy.
  4. Provides Initial, in-person assessment if in Manhattan or via Zoom.

Super Advantage 7: Motivate and educate

Online fitness coaching does not stop at only a workout plan. The best online fitness coach for men educates you on lifestyle changes, movement, and nutrition. These little things help you transform your body and holistically achieve your fitness goals.


You will achieve your fitness goals fastest by getting on board the online coaching for men with Moreover, you can look forward to favorable results like:

  • Increase in your energy levels
  • More confidence
  • Increase in your productivity at work
  • Extend your life expectancy by 15-30 years
  • Look and feel 25% Younger
  • Decrease in cancer risks

Final Words!

Online fitness coaching with the best online fitness coach for men like Alex Folacci provides you with a personalized workout program ‍that you will benefit from and enjoy! Are you still confused? It's time to contact Alex Folacci-The Gentlemen Fitness Trainer, NYC & Online.